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Kimberly Kummings  Biography Photo Kimberly Kummings Biography
Born: 3/2/1968
Aliases: Lorena Sosa, Kimberly Kurtis, Kimberly Kummings, Kim Kummings, Kimberly Cummings

Born: March 2nd, 1968
Hometown: Durham, North Carolina
AKA: Kimberly Curtis, Kimberly Black
Resides now in: Coronado, CA
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Breasts: 34D Waist: 24" Hips: 35"

Kimberly Kummings was a true hard-body whose all-natural figure was the picture of young-looking beauty. She sported one of the best bounding backsides in the business. Kim always displays the smilingly innocent neighborly look of suburbia small town USA. She really caught the eye of her fans as being accessible or down to earth, like some would say it would really be fun to have a beer with that girl and just hang out.

Her parents divorced when she was two. Her father was wealthy and he moved to California but she stayed with her mother. Finally she moved with her mother and step father to Miami, Florida.

She married with porn star Buck Adams and was launched into the adult film world to share her many offerings with the adult world but later divorced Buck citing many differences in her changing life.

Although she's not the most traditionally beautiful of porno starlets, Kimberly Kummings more than makes up for that in terms of raw sexual dynamics. Kimberly Kummings is a hot and nasty brunette with a firm pleasingly luscious figure that she had enhanced surgically in late 1995.

Born in 1968, Kimberly Kummings made her hardcore debut at the relatively ripe old age of 27, but she displayed the lusty gusto of someone much younger. Kimberly Kummings craves wild, outrageous sex and is a particular fan of interracial and anal sex.

She's never been one to 'hold back' in the shadows she commands full attention, with no make?believe actions to be seen. On and off screen from one set to the next were rampant displays of near "out of control", sex crazed performances.
The next job was never hard to find her spirited appeal and sexual mystique sprung her forth into a high paced career like she never imagined.

Kimberly Kummings hottest performance can be found in Ed Powers' 'More Dirty Debutantes 39,' where she puts out a fabulously erotic sequence that showcases her delicious and seductive personality. Kimberly Kummings was equally as good in 'Anal Misconduct,' where she shines in a three-way with Kirsty Waay and Jake Steed that steals the film. Her torrid trio with Tom Byron and Evelyn in 'Anal Senorita' provides another jolting dose of Kimberly Kummings' over-heated sexuality.

Surprising with an outwardly reserved librarian like look that such complete rage-like passion came from those innocent little bedroom eyes. The transformation seemed a near likeness to fantasy as the scene progressed from actress to action; there was no mistake about it you were in for a whimsically delicious carnal indulgence. Kimberly Kummings has never gotten the respect within the industry or the starring roles that her dynamic scenes demand, but she still continues to plod ahead as one of the busiest sex stars of the late 90's. Her carnal catalog just keeps expanding as Kimberly Kummings continues to make a name for herself as one of the horniest, hottest women in porn.

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